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MANGOPAY's secure payment environment facilitates B2B exchanges. Whether it's for internal purchases, e-procurement, or a retailer marketplace for goods and services.

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Flexible e-wallet system

Tailor your workflow.

Hold funds as long as you need to. Split payments freely and indefinitely between e-wallets. Integrate financing partners and logistics players.


White-label technology

Unlimited e-wallets

Instant transfers


International & local vendors. 

Create a smooth seller experience and build a strong catalog of international must-have suppliers and service providers in your industry.

Suited to any seller

Developer friendly.

Integrate MANGOPAY’s API easily thanks to our SDKs and plugins. Or, connect MANGOPAY with Mirakl and manage vendor payments without any development

Simple integration and automation

Malt has been working with Mangopay for 8 years, since the beginning Mangopay has been helpful to provide different payment processes to our business partners. Indeed, thanks to the flexibility of their APIs, we can now offer a pre-payment to our clients on our marketplace before the start of the mission or a payment at 30 or 60 days for our corporate clients.

Alba Lopez

Head of Customer Experience

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