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What if fraud attempts could be out of your way?

Discover the fraud types targeting marketplaces and platforms, learn fraudsters' strategies, and get a complete checklist to guide you in building a tailored fraud prevention strategy.

Fraud Prevention Guide Mockup (1)

  • Address fraud at every step in the user journey and reverse engineer fraudsters' tactics

  • Understand the impact on business growth and UX while preventing fraud

  • Apply a customized approach for end-to-end fraud protection on your platform

What you'll find in the guide

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    Fraud types specific to every step in the user journey - from registration and checkout to post-payment

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    A data-driven approach to meet the challenges of balancing fraud prevention and CX

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    A checklist with what you need to offer 360° fraud protection across your platform

Get ready to stop fraud and accept more legitimate transactions

Identify fraud with the highest precision with risk detection tools that reveal users' true intentions and machine learning models that adapt to threats.

Looking to level up your platform?

Robust E‑Wallet capabilities.

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    Unlimited E-wallet

    E-wallet for every transaction to segregate funds precisely.

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    Unlimited amounts

    Hold any amount you need in your e-wallet account.

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    Unlimited splits

    Split the original transaction as much as necessary.

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    Hold funds indefinitely

    Keep you funds in e-wallets for as long as you need.